We provide professional audit services for governments; non-profits; 401K and retirees and more.

Conducting a proper audit takes time. That’s a plain and simple fact.

But it should not be daunting.

Our combined years of auditing experience have taught us to focus on advanced education, open communication throughout the process, and on the ability to coordinate all respective tasks with peak efficiency. The accountant/client relationship is paramount here. It is one of our great strengths, a philosophy that applies in all situations, whether you are a municipality, school district, non-profit, retirement plan, or small business.

In addition, we do not outsource our audit services. We believe it is misleading to engage for audit services if the firm cannot provide the services from local personnel or even from within the firm. At our company, the people you meet are the people who do the work.

G2S, PC is here to help meet the auditing requirements placed upon you by your Board, your Funding Source, your Bank, or even you as an individual. We understand the rulesĀ  imposed on you and we help you meet those requirements.

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